Mutasa gets a PhD at 82, It Wasnt A Walk Through Journey. Mr Mutasa commented on yesterday’s 50th graduation ceremony of the University of Dar es Salaam, where a total of 10, 668 graduates were presented various certificates.Mr Samuel Mutasa after achieving his PHD at 82, said his aim wasnt to get a job or to make money but to increase his ability as an author.

Mr Mutasa also said that his hobby was studying something that inspired him to keep desiring the top degree, the same with other people’s hobbies like love, singing etc.After 41 years of trying, having a PhD in Chemistry (Phytochemical Studies of some Cassia Species) now was not an easy journey as challenges that come with every trial kept pursuing him trying to block his dream from being true.“There are many things that have prevented me from completing this stage early, including the nature of my course and also working while studying, however I did not give up because studying/reading has been my hobby as a writer,” he said.

The education he received is for the community and not for himself, but the nation as a whole,highlighting that investing more in science is the way to go for the young generation.“Since my childhood I have been a friend of chemistry. I wonder why young people are afraid of science when it is just a simple subject that needs to be loved and someone to be committed because the nation needs scientists,” he explained.PHD holder has six children with, the first born being a medical doctor, the second born being an Environmental Science expert, the fourth has a master’s degree in Business Administration, the fifth an entrepreneur and the sixth one, Mr Mutasa was amongst the 10,668 graduates who were awarded various degrees as many speakers insisted on the latter to be proactive and get any opportunities that come their way by using the knowledge obtained.“Use your education as an influence for all people, to be the catalyst for change in our society.

Remember that the education and information you receive is a public property,” said Prof William Anangisye, the Udsm’s Vice Chancellor.Prof Anangisye said to the graduates to strive always in using their skills to do something of their own rather than waiting for the government to create employment.“Do not wait to be employed by the government as 45 years ago jobs were waiting for graduates, but nowadays graduates are the ones looking for work … be quick to look at where your skills can be used most effectively even if you have to work as a volunteer,” Prof Anangisye advised.Mr Pius Msekwa, the retired Speaker was also awarded the honorary doctorate in Law being recognised for his contribution to the legal fraternity in the country making the day great for him also. Besides Mr Msekwa, another guru awarded was the Deputy Prime Minister of Namibia Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.“With the authority I have been entrusted with, I am awarding you a Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) degree of the University of Dar es Salaam. Congratulations,” announced Dr Jakaya Kikwete, the Udsm’s Chancellor as he conferred Mr Msekwa and Ms Nandi-Ndaitwah with the degree.

Mr Msekwa also was the first Vice Chancellor of Udsm, to be awarded the degree after his contribution to the legal sector to the country. Giving remarks after the award, Mr Msekwa (the universities first Vice Chancellor ) gave thanks to the university authorities for acknowledging his contribution and awarding him an honorary doctorate.He also showed so much gratitude to the Chancellor, Dr Kikwete for acknowledging his contribution.

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