Bonang New Zodwa Wabantu As She Wore Pantless Outfit


Bonang Matheba recently created fire in the streets when she wore a flowing yellow summer outfit.


Bonang shared her stunning outfit on Instagram and captioned it


“African butter”


Fans got attention of the peek of tge waist where there was nothing, meaning there was no bikini line.


Fans questioned her if she had to forgone her underwear and they went about her business.


Due to these questions popping up about her dressing, the fans began to compare Bonang to the dancer Zodwa Wabantu who lives a pantyless life.


Zodwa Wabantu is well-known for her cheerful dances and onstage performances without wearing pant.ies. Irrespective of being judged and heavily criticized for that, Zodwa remained unapologetic about her stance.


Bonang managed to flourish, despite the challenging year we have had.


‌Sometime in August she dropped A Bonang Year, a show in part of her time in the US last year on SABC1.


The show became the most watched shows, racking up 1.86 million viewership in its first episode of being broadcasted.


Queen B will soon be on iHeart Radio and Moghel has another radio gig lined up since its all about securing the bag.


Bonang has become a part of Charlamagne tha God’s upcoming podcast dedicated to Black listeners and voices in Black culture and it will be starting in 2021.


House Of BNG, Bonang’s alcoholic brand has been doing very well and her Prestige Reserve scored 93pts at the Platter’s Guide 2021, she announced.

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