Makandiwa’s son might face arrest for unlawful entry and privacy violation.

Evidence Chari who is a professed Makandiwa spiritual son yesterday shared a video of Jay Isreal and a female witness named Blessing Muzvongi where they where plotting to extort and expose Makandiwa. Evidence bragged that he had recorded the video through planting a secret camera through the tv.

However, it seems Evidence Chari might receive a shocker as criminal charges maybe filed against him for unlawful entry into private property and violation of the privacy rights of other Blessing Muzvongi.


Only police officials are allowed to enter private property and in most instances, they should obtain a warrant from the court. Recording and tailing of private citizens is also a criminal offence as it violates the citizens rights to privacy. Tailing and recording can only be done under the provision of a court order or warrant and executed by police officials.


One concerned facebook user wrote on Hatirare263 saying “How was the camera planted??? Who planted the camera???? Whose apartment was that one???? Whoever planted it is he aware its a criminal offense???? And if he is from your so called prophet side how did he know about these plans???


Another destruction from real issues… Zimbabwe is burning”


Evidence revealed that he had already filed criminal charges against Blessing Muzvongi for extortion. Jay Isreal hasn’t yet publicly reacted to the release of such a controversial video.

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