Bushiri’s Has Changed In Appearance For The Worst


Bushiri has changed for the worst ever since he started living in Malawi, he looks scruffy now.


“He Looks Like A Junkie“


The weather in Malawi is for the weak, it is not a joke. Bushiri must have been fried by the heat as his appearance is terrible to look at. His personality has changed and he looks very different from the Bushiri we knew from South Africa. The Malawian weather has no mercy.


A picture of Bushiri was shared on Twitter account by Luluh Mzimela and it immediately went viral. The picture was captioned, ‘Our Bushiri is beginning to look like a junkie.’ Finally, a meme was created with his portrait and things got out of hand. Meme was saying, ‘The Malawian weather re-decorates its glow.’ He looks like an ordinary person now.


Bushiri’s current state is very bad and citizens are starting to be worried as he seems to have lost so much weight. Some of the people think that maybe it is due to the tension.


  1. “But that’s what Bushiri still looks like. I see little distinction whatsoever. He was still hideous,” a man replied.
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