A South African twitter celebrity by the name Sapiosexual claims she has been raped by her boyfriend.

Below is her narration of her account.

I’ve just been raped by my so called ‘boyfriend’ 😭😭😭😭💔

I’m still at his house he didn’t wanna take me home. He’s asleep now and I don’t know if he’ll continue where he left off when he wakes up

To those who care* he woke up and found me crying. I talked to him about it Athi yena he didn’t rape me. He’s denying it!!! He even showed me ama chats wethu aku Whatsapp me telling him to fetch me at home for a sleepover! Yes i did asked for a sleepover but when we arrived at

His house we had a huge fight. He still forced himself on me even after telling him i didn’t wanna have sex with him. HE GRABBED ME AND FORCED HIMSELF ON ME AND NOW HE’S DENYING EVERYTHING THAT HE DID!



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