Bishop Constance Sibiya ‘Muvhango’ actress Constance Sibiya, aka Vho Hangwani, appointed bishop at her church


Constance Sibiya, aka “Muvhango’s’ Vho Hangwani, has been appointed as a bishop at her church.


Actress Constance Sibiya is now a bishop at the Christ Centre Episcopal church.


She was appointed to be a bishop recently and is now called Revered Matriarch Constance Sibiya and is the official bishop-elect for the Communion of Episcopal and Apostolic Churches International. Dr Abraham Sibiya, her husband is the archbishop of the African region at Saint Athanasius of Alexandria.


Constance Sibiya’s aim in becoming a bishop is to open opportunities for women in her church.


As she spoke about her appointment as Bishop with TimesLIVE, she said during her permanent occupancy she belives she will serve the African region to the best of her abilities.

Constance has turned out to be one of the few bishop women, she aims to equipe women in the church to more senior positions irrespective of possible discrimination.


“The challenge is in many countries, not only in Africa but all over the world, women are relegated to lower positions in the church. Together with other women, I will work assiduously to bring women into the bishopric.


“I know I will have to contend with male chauvinistic stereotypes concerning women in church leadership, but I trust God for the grace of navigating all ,” Constance said.


This Muvhango actress now a Bishop isnt the only who has had tongues swing towards her.


Regina Nesengani, aka Vho Masindi, just earned her PhD from the University of SA (Unisa). In Tshivenda she wrote her thesis with a focus on women who are abused in a drama books, the star said she was motivated by a SAFM interview with an elderly woman who had earned her PhD.


“I was very inspired by this lady. I said if she can do it, so can I. I had a master’s degree so there was nothing stopping me from pursuing a PhD,” said Regina.

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