Eggs and Chickes for sale says Zodwa Wabantu after entertainment industry is shut

A pinch is being felt by Zodwa Wabantu the socialite, dance queen due to the lockdown for the next two weeks.

Since night clubs and events have been closed and cancelled, many South Africans, including celebrities, were left with no other option but to find alternative and creative ways of making money during the national lockdown.

The socialite turned into a businesswoman, Zodwa Wabantu has never been limited and will not allow the lockdown stop her from achieving what she wants.

On Tuesday, Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored star shared on Instagram that since President Cyril Ramaphosa has decided to shut down the indoor and outdoor events due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic she has found other ways of earning money.

She said that since she can not entertain her fans with her sexy dance moves, she has chosen to sell eggs and live chickens from her tour bus. She even asked her 1.4 million fans to help her by suggesting areas that will boost her business.

Zodwa is enlarging her horizons in the beauty industry since she just announced that she would be opening a beauty salon in Mpumalanga in 2021.

Moving from being a socialite to a businesswoman over the years, the Soweto-born star managed to buy some property for the development of the businesses, the cosmetic range, perfumes, lipstick and petroleum jelly.

The star also said that she’s set to launch her own premium cider and she is also venturing into the world of performing arts.

The queen of dance announced on her Instagram page that she would be starting 2021 strong as she goes back to school, the Star Quality Performing Arts College.


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