Congratulations! Famous Gugu Ndabezitha The Traditional Healer aka Sisi Gugu owns a 3 story house.

Gugu Ndabezitha a.k.a “Siss Gugu” announced the purchase of a new home. Congratulatory messages have flooded concerning the new achievement.

The 30-year-old famous traditional healer shared the good news on social media, as she posted photos of the land and house.

Owning 2 storey building was her dream she says, but she got something even  bigger, as her new home is 3 story building.

“Lol. Every morning I laugh at how 5 years ago, I was still sleeping on the kitchen floor. All I wanted was a double story but God said nope, Triple ❤️. New home fit for a young queen. Iinyembezi aziweli phansi – bambelela nawe 🏡 RESTORATION IS GOD’S BRAND,” she captioned post.


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