Residents receive alcohol delivery by Police officers.

A video circulating on media is showing a police van delivering alcohol to the residents and police officers have been caught on camera.

According to police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, they are yet to find the source of the  video and because it has  recirculated it had become difficult the for police to understand the context of the video.


In the footage, residents who were taking the video from the house across the street can be heard murmuring and laughing as  a group of men await behind an open van and some were quickly transporting goods from the van into the house.

The van assumed to be the ones used by the South African Police Service (SAPS) but Naidoo said that “it might look like a cop van, but it’s not clear”.

Police spokesperson said that the proprty could be a police station not a private residence and in the video there is no police officer in uniform and it is not clear that what is being carried is alcohol.

“We are trying to be objective,” he said.

One of the users caption who shared the video was “Cops delivering booze…”, an “assumption” Naidoo said and those who shared the video now regret.

“They all say they now realize it was a mistake because they don’t have the context.”

The Police are making inquiries on where they found the video from to get the original source but nothing has popped up. The video still has not been removed from the site.

Naidoo said that noone should assume that it is a a police van until these details were clarified.

South Africa is still banning alcohol sales under the current adjusted lockdown level 3 strategy. The ban, instituted in December 2020, was also extended on Monday night by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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