Thuthuka Mthembu is a fast-rising South African actress who has made some waves across the entertainment industry in Mzansi. The talented actress thrusted into the limelight with her on-screen character on Uzalo.

The actress Thutuka Mthembu who plays the role of Nonka on Mzansi’s most-watched and loved soapie; Uzalo. Has been dragged for her broken english

The vivacious actress also plays the role of Sthandwa on eHostela which plays on Mzansi Magic.

One mistake and social media can be very unforgiving. The slightest mistake can ruin one’s reputation and decades’ worth of work if one fails to handle the trolls. The very same social media can make a sensational celebrity over night.

The actress’ twitter account has been under fire,after she posted a snap along with a broken English caption

Black Twitter didn’t spare the fast rising-star from trolls. She found herself trending and wrecking balls of trolls were being fired from all cylinders.

The #IamSingleBecause challenge has seen gained traction across Mzansi.

The actress trended after she accidentally used an incorrect word on a tweet. She was absolutely slammed and became a joke after she said ‘find’ instead of ‘found’.
She tweeted, “#IamSingleBecause I haven’t find a good man.”

With no waste of time, some tweeps quickly reacted to her English.

Surely social media can be unforgiving. Some are still trolling Nonka for her bad English in the wake of his father’s death. The who hails from KwaZulu Natal described losing her father as the darkest day in her life despite being raised by a single mother.

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