The multi talented Somizii (Somgaga) has started trending once more. He has been making waves on social media platforms across Mzansi. Read the article below to find out more:

Somizi claps back at Journos reporting on false accusations about Mohale cheating.

In an open and straight to the point live, the ever flamboyant and multi talented Somizi expressed himself about the cheating allegations concerning his beloved husband Mohale. The star took to social media to reveal how unethical and wrong it is for journalists to write false stories about those in the public eye.

Prior to the incident an article was published based on Somizi and Mohale’s marriage being on the rocks, apparently Mohale was cheating on the Idols judge with a much older and rich married man. Somizi has dismissed the accusations stating that this is a clear case of the media bullying celebrities.

He went on to say, “The media can write about my stuff personally, but when it comes to people that l love and care about, it becomes a problem,”he said.

The accused journalist who wrote the article was publicly exposed by Somizi on Instagram and she wanted the law to take reparations. Somizi has defended himself indicating he was retaliating and wanted the journalist to know what it feels like when you have your personal space invaded.

“I have seen this happen over the years, and celebrities become significantly affected by the media to the point whereby they drown their sorrows, by means of alcohol and drugs and l wont let that happen to me,” he said.

As such he also went on to say he is unapologetic and he would rather die standing than live on his knees. About exposing the journalist and this was a way of standing up for himself and those around him.

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