Actress Manaka Ranaka from Generations is now tagged a home wrecker as she snatched married baby daddy actor Ntuthuko from Bronwyn Dudu Zungu.

Actress Manaka Ranaka who appears as Lucy Diale on SABC 1 Soapie Generations The Legacy has been busted for taking her married baby daddy Ntuthuko Mdletshe from another woman Bronwyn Zungu.

Actress Lucy Diale from Generations and Ntuthuko Mdletshe were received a baby boy Seni Mdletshe from God who was born on the 15th of December 2020. However, Manaka is rebuked for destroying another woman’s marriage to get for herself a baby daddy leaving a single mother of 3 kids so that he moves in with Manaka Ranaka.

Less than 3 years ago, Manaka Ranaka was admiring the Mdletshe (Ntuthuko & Bronwyn) couple on social media. Sometime back she commented on an intimate image of the two that was uploaded more than 2 years ago describing them as her “Favourite couple.”

It is claimed that from that period the two began to have moves towards each other till rapper and actor Ntuthuko Mdletshe broke up with ex-wife Bronwyn Zungu for a love entanglement with the grandmother of 1 Manaka Ranaka.

A source who was close to the Mdletshe couple, reported that Ntuthuko & Bronwyn have been happily married up until Manaka Ranaka came into the scene.

“She was cunning and tricky in her approach, she befriends the couple who become celebrity struck and let her in their lives, a few years down the line Ntuthu started being abusive towards his wife the rest is history. I can confirm that Bronwyn was deeply hurt but she has ever since moved on.”

Who is Ntuthuko Mdletshe, Manaka Ranaka’s baby daddy?

Durban born actor Ntuthuko Mdeletshe made his TV debut on last year SABC 1 drama series Thisa where he had the role of Mandla Khumalo. The rapper, actor and extreme sports enthusiast always wanted to be in the entertainment industry but was advised to study to become a project manager.

“I wanted to do drama. I did drama at school. I hung out with the drama kids and I was working at a recording studio and I started making music. I plan to launch a career in music and own a record company one day.”

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