The DJ just made history after going beyond, breaking the record for the longest ever marathon radio music show but now he feels his career in radio has come to an end, after 20 years of broadcasting.

In an interview with Daily Sun he stated, “My career has come full circle. It’s 20 years old. Ove outdone myself.” DJ Sbu has had an amazing and eventful career in radio. He started off his career in broadcasting in 1998, when he worked at Tembisa Info Radio which was a community radio station. He has since worked for some of the esteemed radio stations in the country including YFM, Metro FM, and Massiv Metro.

Dj Sbu also spread his wings in the entertainment fraternity by venturing into Television. He said to the publication that he will be focusing on behind the scenes work to nurture new talent for now.

“I didn’t think I’d go this far. I’m stepping away from the mic to focus on mentoring new talent,” he says. One of his goals this year was to host the longest ever marathon radio show and his dream came to life when he hosted a non-top music radio program for 216 hours straight!

Speaking about this milestone he says “I wanted to go out with big achievement and thought what a better way than a world record. We also used it to raise funds. We raised money for a homeless shelter in Tembsa in Ekurhuleni called Siyazigabisa Home of Hope,” he adds.

He continued to say that it was quite challenging “We did 216 hours on radio, which is about nine days of none-stop music radio” “It was a challenging experience even though we had been practicing,” says DJ Sbu,

The DJ says his focus is now on his music career and launching a new record label. “I will be exploring things I haven’t done in music before. I had a successful career but the era has changed. I did music before social media and the internet were bad. Now it’s a new generation and times. The first project my album Hoem Coming: The African Odyssey, that I dropped two weeks ago,” he says.

DJ has done many things in his illustrious career. The DJ is a well-articulated writer and has published books including Billionaires Under Construction. Dj Sbu is also and an entrepreneur who owns his own energy drink Mofaya.

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