Mbali bumped into Ramaphosa as she was jogging but this is what people took note of.
Mbali told her followers on Twitter “Guys, I bumped into the President while he was taking his jog this morning”.

She said she is still in shock that she made him stop to take a selfie with me 🤣.

But on the other hand many people on Twitter complained because there was no social distancing between the president and Mbali. Remember covid-19 regulations says that there should be a social distance of at least 1.5 meters from one person to another. Mbali and his excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa should be held accountable for this most tweets think so.

“Our president loves young ones ne .. he even forgot social distance.” One of twitter users said.

Bheki Cele should investigate another case for both of them: No hugging is allowed keep Social distance

Mbali and the president must be fined where is Bheki cele to see this

For next time’s sake, Mbali should advice president to wear a surgical mask like hers when jogging. It allows more air through which is safer than cloth, just now he will drop due to hypoxia and conspiracy theories will shoot up. By the way, where is his medical advisor?

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