The Ndlovus recently took to their YouTube channel to open up about a time in their lives when they both wanted to give up so that their followers can take inspiration from it. The couple specifically touched on the subject of perseverance.

I hate running. From the burning itching sensation all over my body to my lungs feeling like they are going to collapse,” says Stephanie.

“Every single time I run, which is probably because I’m unfit, but I really don’t like running as a form of exercise, but on the rare occasion when I do decide to go for a jog, this is how I tackle my races; I don’t focus on the end of the race, I hardly ever look at my phone or watch to see how far I’ve actually run and how far I still have to go but I say to myself if I can just make it to the next point e.g. a stop sign. And before I know it, little by little I’ve reached my destination,” shared the actress.

“Perseverance is a very powerful and useful tool”, adds Hungani.It can carry you when every fibre of your being can’t. Not just physically, but all elements of your being. Being able to continue despite the difficulties or failures is the very definition of perseverance.”

Stephanie also opened up about the doubts and challenges they faces when they opened their YouTube channel.

“When H and I started a YouTube channel, about a year ago we definitely faced quite a bit of challenges and obstacles that we needed to persevere through.” Adds the television star. “It became harder because there was always this expectation to sort of create this mind-blowing content because we started on a high.

It was exhausting and there was a lot of times when we both felt like we wanted to give up. It wasn’t just about creating this amazing content but also, a lot was happening in terms of ourselves and our marriage. But we needed to persevere.”


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