Wonders shall never end. One of the suspects was ‘handcuffed’ by bees around the wrist, while another had the TV set stuck on his hands.

A bizzare incident took place in Sofia village, Busia Town in eastern Uganda were a swarm of bees “handcuffed” a burglar who is suspected to have stolen a television set.

Adding on to that, another suspect is reported to have had the television set stuck on his hands as they came back with the stolen item to where they were picked from.

The two suspects are reported by The Daily Monitor to be in police custody now.

However, Rashida Jowelia, the owner of the property, said her TV set was stolen from her house last Friday. She also revealed that she went to see a sangoma for assistance instead of reporting the matter to the police.

The suspects were identified as Wycliffe Kinara and Richard Duki, both Kenyan nationals from Nakuru.

Paul Bogere, a resident said:

“I had never seen bees arresting thieves like it has happened today; they formed what appeared like a real handcuff on one of the suspects, while the other had a TV set stuck on his hands.”

Juma Kazibwe, a trader at the border, mentioned that it was a relief that the two suspects had been caught as the cases of burglary and livestock theft had increased in the village.

“I had five cows but all have been stolen, leaving me with nothing. It is good that we now have this witch doctor to help us recover what the thieves steal from us,” Kazibwe explained.

The arrest of the suspects and recovery of TV set was confirmed by Moses Mugwe, the Bukedi Region Police Publicist.

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