Money can buy you everything with the exception of love! The young boy who is two decades younger than Somizi Mohlongo has finally opened his eyes and he’s leaving without looking back.

Mohale left his matrimonial home in Dainfern, northern Joburg in November last year. And it has been confirmed by sources that Mohale’s legal team has served the Idols SA judge with divorce papers.

A year ago Somizi chose to take the young man to live under his watch and take over his house. To many, it came as a shock as Mohale seemed very young and innocent and was more suited to be Somizi’s son-in-law.

However, the Idols SA judge got blinded by love as he then sponsored his hubby and helped him to rise to fame. As we write to you, Mohale is enjoying his bachelorhood in the mother city and now has over 1 million followers.

Mohale removed his wedding ring a long time ago while Somizi still wears his just for consolation. Close friends revealed that, Somgaga has been paying his “husband” since late last year so they could appear to be happy in the public.

“Somizi’s true friends are by his side as always. He’s quiet while on the other hand, Mohale is leaving the life of a happy bachelor in Cape Town. Somizi went into the marriage with his heart entirely open and he always wanted the best for both of them,” said the source.

Anyone could tell that the supposed marriage crumbled even before the two could admit it. But Somizi tried to express his anger with mobile devices being blamed saying it led to the rift between otherwise solid relationships. Sometimes, SomGaga said he wished to be touched as much as that phone.

“It’s not even about me feeling neglected. I find it also to be too self-serving. If you are not on Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook, you are taking pictures, you are taking selfies. I feel like, yoh, sometimes I wish to be touched like that phone.”

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