“How’s the dating pool this year?”

Pearl Modiadie, actress and radio host, who just changed her status to single over the holidays recently went on her social media to ask her female followers how the dating pool is going this year.

The mother of one tweeted: “Ladies… how’s the dating pool this year?” Modiadie in return got a lot of hilarious and sometimes funny comments which she didn’t expect:

“Short term loans mntase.”

“They want boyfriend allowances.”

“We have abandoned our mission. Men can date each other.”

“They ask you to bring your own skaftin when you visit them.”

“Not much has changed, still very muddy and small. Shallow too, kubi, worse when you’re over 30!”

Pearl also confirmed that she was ready to try dating again but she wasn’t sure anymore when her fan questioned if she’s currently dating: “Thought I’d dip my little toe in the pool, but reconsidering now?”

Last year ZAlebs reported that Pearl Modiadie has broken up with her baby daddy whom she still holds in high regards saying he is a wonderful father to their son.

Previously, she defended Nathaniel and labelled him “an incredible dad” and tweeted: “The best choice I’ve made! He’s such an incredible dad ❤”

Rumours of the two separating started last year when the media personality shared snaps of herself and her son without Nathaniel insight.

The Metro FM radio personality also tweeted many tweets revealing that she was no longer in a relationship. “Alone is so much better than being unhappy.”

Here were some reactions from her followers:

“You’re such a good person Pearl.
From watching from a distance, I kinda know you have great emotional intelligence- so I’m not worried because I know you’ve got this!”

“BTW, I still believe that you and Donito deserve each other 🤦🏾‍♂️
Merry Christmas.”

“Uyilahlile la chap?”

When her followers heard that Pearl and Nathaniel were no longer an item they were saddened as they’re very protective of the media personality and want to see her happy.

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