“I am grown enough to accept defeat. I would like to wish her, nothing but success in her journey,” Tebogo said in his post.

Things seem to be flourishing for actress Khanyi Mbau’s new romance and her ex-boyfriend Tebogo ‘Edward Billion’ Lerole has written a letter requesting her be kept out of the mainstream media’s focus as he’s cut ties with Khanyi and wishes her well on her new journey.

Recently, Khanyi started letting fans into her latest relationship with Zimbabwean businessman Kudzai Terrence Mushonga on her social media. Rumours about the two tying the knot soon have been churning this week.

This followed after Kudzai revealed that he wants to pay lobola for Khanyi.

Replying to a question on Instagram Stories questioning if he would marry his bae, Kudzai said: “Big yes. Paying lobola just now.” He also served us with snaps and videos of himself in Khanyi’s “hometown” of Soweto and referred to her as his wife.

As fans celebrate the good news about Khanyi’s newfound love and happiness, Tebogo has been pulled into the discussions as people want to know how he feels about Khanyi’s new love.

After he was allegedly loaded with media enquiries about the matter, Tebogo took to Instagram to say his piece.

“So here goes. If you genuinely know me you’ll know how I hate being dragged in the media especially for impractical rationale [she knows it too]. I am not a personality and unquestionably not a celebrity either, I am a black man raising a daughter/nephew in this exacting world,” his lengthy caption to a video with Khanyi and her daughter began.

Tebogo’s video was accompanied by a long caption which was a throwback of happier days with Khanyi and Khanu.

“Up above is a clip I believed to be my/our own perfect/imperfect family and for once I believed this world would end with us standing by each other’s sides. I love M and M2 profoundly, just thinking of moments and our journey leaves me giggling. I don’t know how I lost the both of them, however I cherish and will always cherish the day the creator tangled our paths.”

After singing Khanyi’s praises he then concluded his letter with well wishes for her.

“She is an amazing human and has such an adorable smile — she must constantly glitter. I am grown enough to accept defeat. I would like to wish her, nothing but success in her journey and lastly please cut her and myself some slack. Love is beautiful and we tried,” he said.

Watch the cute video below:


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