In a worldwide survey, South African drivers came dead last about killer roads and the blame goes on alcohol and not putting on safety belts for the country’s high road fatalities, although the AA maintains human error is to blame.

For fatal crashes, AA blames human error, rather than alcohol.

Judging by the high annual road death toll what has always been evident has now been confirmed: South Africa’s roads are the world’s most dangerous to drive on.

Out of 56 countries in a research study, South Africa ranked dead last of the world’s safest roads conducted by Zutobi, a driver’s education company based in the United Kingdom. And by some margin too, only able to score 3.23 out of 10 – more than a point behind second-from-last Thailand, who managed 4.35 out of 10.

Rounding off the top five most dangerous drivers are the US in third place (5.09), Argentina (5.10) and India (5.10).

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