A woman in Ghana has reportedly died in a car crash as she was running after her ‘cheating’ husband who was with another woman in a car.

Mabel Aku Banesseh, a Ghanaian journalist, reported the incident on her Facebook page on Sunday.

It is said that the woman was informed that her husband was identified in a car with the strange woman driving towards Tema, located 25 kilometers east of Accra, the capital, in the region of Greater Accra.

The deceased reportedly desired to confront her husband, she went into her car and decided to give them a chase but in the process, sadly she had was involved in an accident and died on the spot.

According to Ripples Nigeria, Banesseh wrote:

“A woman died on the motorway. She was going to Tema to verify claims there was a woman in her husband’s car. She never got there to even know whether or not the said woman was her hubby’s cousin, co-worker or mere friend. Don’t allow lies to lead you to your grave.”

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