The multi-award-winning rapper went on his Twitter welcoming SA celebrities with alcohol products. This follows just a day after Boity revealed her new alcohol brand BT Signature.

He tweeted: “Any SA celebrity with an alcohol product, you’re welcome. I single handily built this industry, and that’s facts”

Some of the tweeps thought that AKA’s tweet seemed to have been an attack for Boity yet he may have been innocent. @Sharon- Letlape responded: “You just couldn’t swallow it could you? but we are here now. Black women are breaking walls and entering in spaces patriarchs like you never thought they would @Boity Congratulations again QUEEN!”
Tom wrote: “Boity catching stray bullets”

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Responses were divided as others concluded that AKA was attacking all celebrities who own alcohol products. @VuyoFanta responded: “ give credit to others when it’s due Thinking face. Bonang did it best, Khuli Chana last I checked was doing well but right now we give the best credit to Zinhle for the MCC boulevard. She didn’t just have 2 bottles with her name she became the CEO and got equity… Now that is huge.”

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