This week hasnt been the best week for Idols Season 9 runner-up Brenden Praise. The South African soulful singer has lost his work. He went out with his family yesterday and he was robbed in Sandton.

The Lose You Again hit-maker shared the sad news on Twitter. He mentioned that he lost his album and a lot of his wife’s work, he also urged people to never leave their valuables in their cars.

He tweeted: “My Macbook just got stolen out my car in Sandton, while I was having a coffee date with my Daughter, my Entire Album, and a lot of Mpoomy’s work Gone, Just like that, actually a little depressed right now, anyways stay safe guys and DONT leave Valuables in the car ever!!!!”

Man, Nuri saw the Shattered glass of the car and kept saying “Sorry Daddy” what an amazing little girl,” he added.

He received love and comfort from his followers after his loss @RayMaboya responded: “Sorry to hear that bro,,, these people don’t know what it takes to redo all that work. And they won’t even take an option to bring it back in exchange for a fee that will obviously be higher than what they are going to sell the machine for.”

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