Iyo, Mzansi we finally have our own Rambo! Seriously though it’s really funny how DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi is always the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Again, Gugu has done what she knows best and that’s fighting in public… not so ladylike right? But you have to know that she’s one hell of a street fighter and we hope she doesn’t practice it on the popular DJ as well.

According to Sunday World, the socialite put Real House Wives Of Johanessburg Season 3 on halt after she teamed up with Brinnette Seopela to harrass fellow cast member Christall Kay. It is stated that an argument started between them in a club and Gugu went back to her car to change her high heels and put on sneakers and also gave Brinnette a pair to change in.

As they came back inside the club no one whispered to Kay to run for her life. As she tried dodging them, Gugu pulled her by the hair, punched her in the eye and started beating her. The Production staff came to Kay’s rescue but it was a bit late as her face was already bruised.

Threats to call the police was also involved and Kay was taken to the hospital. Sources confirmed that DJ Tira’s wife is a famous street fighter. You’d remember that she once made news after she physically went after her neighbour.

Several sources had different things to say about Gugu. While one said: “It was not the first time Khathi gets involved in a fight. Khathi is well known for being a “street fighter”. Don’t let the glamorous lifestyle fool you. She was once witnessed attacking someone at a club. Accusing the lady of flirting with DJ Tira.”

And members of the crew were afraid of working with her as they acknowledged that she was a bully. Philly Khubeka, Mzansi Magic spokesperson confirmed that the show has been cancelled.

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