The sangomas are so convinced that the ancestors have brought them together.

Romeo Malepe from Vosloorus, affectionately known as Mkhulu Romeo, explained to Daily Sun that he’s been with fellow sangoma Gogo Majola for three months and from the beginning he knew that this was the woman for him.

He explained that he was smitten by this beautiful woman in a restaurant wearing beads and his heart yearned to talk to her.

“I went through her Facebook profile. I was charmed by everything about her,” said Romeo.

He continued to say that they both have their own shrines and always have time problems.

“She’s gifted and can even read people without throwing the bones. These are just some of the things I love about her.
“Being in a relationship with someone you can connect with spiritually is important. If your ancestors don’t like that relationship, nothing will go right.”

He said as a sangoma, it can be hard to find someone you can connect with.

“Izangoma who have relationship problems put their relationship with their partners ahead of their ancestors,” he said.

“The ancestors come first, no matter what. Nothing will go right if you don’t balance your ancestral gift and the other aspects of your life.”

Adding to the story, he said those who have a problem with him and his queen kissing in the river must relax.

“A lot of people disagree with the way we do things, but that’s foolish of them. Our ancestors brought us together and we’re celebrating our union,” he said.

Nombasa Felem from Midrand, known as Gogo Majola, conciously said that its not every day you bump into a handsome sangoma.

“He made me laugh on the first date. He’s a straight-talker, a gentleman and actively supports my work as a sangoma,” she said.

“Doing spiritual work demands that you be humble and willing to serve. Doing that with someone you’re in a relationship with means there’s closeness beyond the physical.

“The bond is strengthened by the ancestors as you combine your gifts to help others find healing.”

She also urged izangoma who’ve been having hard times with long-term relationships to consult the ancestors and pray.

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