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After David Bombando’s family discovered that they mysteriously lost their two-year-old daughter Athalia, they were left shattered. Shocking details of her death were revesled and the Gauteng based family is now seeking justice.

SurgeZirc SA interviewed a close relative and they gathered that the mother of the murdered two-year-old girl was invited to a hotel by her own mom (being the grandmother of the murdered girl) on 10 April 2021. She was invited alongside her brother and his one-year-old daughter.

Upon arrival at the hotel the three adults agreed to kill the two toddlers. Unfortunately, they managed to heartlessly kill Athalia but their attempts to kill the one-year-old did not succeed as police arrived at the scene to find the gruesome murder.

Athalia’s lifeless body was found together with her one-year-old cousin who was still alive and was taken to a place of safety. The police have escalated after finding out that child’s killing was occult related. Gauteng police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters confirmed the arrest of both the mother and uncle who will be going before the court today.

“A one-year-old who was also found on the scene at the said evening, and taken to a place of safety, was on Tuesday 13 April realised into the custody of his mother, who at the time of the incident out of town,” said Peters.

The family spokesperson who spoke to SurgeZirc SA said they were demanding justice for their daughter. “We want everyone out there to know what is happening in this evil world where we are living in. Esther Brown and Mike Brown must pay for what they have done We asking justice for Athalia.”

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