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Unathi, Mzanzi media personality has taken to social media to post her before and after photos of her weight loss journey.

Taking to Instagram, the star mentioned that the first picture was taken in 2021 and the other was in 2011.

As it is witnessed, Unathi was a plus-sized woman but worked on her size and weight.

DJ advises fans to always put themselves first as the ones who expect from them will call them selfish.

Unathi captioned: “2021 Vs 2011 ALWAYS put yourself first. The ones who EXPECT from you will call you selfish路‍♀️The ones who don’t have the courage to do it but secretly envy you will call you reckless路‍♀️You cannot give what you do not have. DO YOU and be kind to you because you are the ONLY you you will ever be”

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