Life is truly a journey, you start it and you have to finish it. We might not have known much about the late 22-year-old Nelli Tembe, but her sudden death hurt the nation.

Sadly, lives are lost of people we love love each and every day and that is just the unfortunate reality, this has to make us open our eyes to the value of life, the value of making memories.

One thing we are certain about Nelli is that she liked to spent a lot of time with her family, maybe not as much time as she probably would have loved, but she did make memories.

Memories make us who we are, you get to look back and think about the touches, laughs and cries.

Now, Nelli had dreams, she wanted to be a force to be reckoned with and she also had a family that was always there for her. There are pictures that will always tell a story about her life.

Nelli was never alone as she always had people who were there to hold her when she needed the care.

However, this life is a journey, a journey that will eventually come to an end some day, cherish it.

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