A teen bully from Mathole High School in Mahlabathini in Zululand district has been sentenced to a year’s community service. Confirmation of this sentence was confirmed by Prosecuting Authority KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson Natasha Kara.

The 16 year old girl charged of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm has been given a one year sentence of community service by the Mahlabathini magistrates’ court. A video circulated of the bullying incident and members of the public were displeased with the bully’s actions.

After being bullied by a fellow student, a girl called Lufuno committed suicide. The #JusticeForLufono is trending and members of the public still need to see bullies facing the consequences of their actions.

Famouse people like Somizi are campaigning against bullying and urging the young people to communicate whenever they face such cases. Another girl from Nthuba High School was trending after being assaulted by another female student. Many think its high time Laws are reviewed so that children are kept safe and the consequences of bullying need to be done with immediate effect.

In South Africa, cases of bullying have been increasing and it disturbing that girls are dominating. This leaves the authorities think if something is wrong with our societies and what the real cause is.

It is seen in circulated videos that spectators cheer whilst the victim suffers. No one helps them and it is also disturbing that the society rejoices when one is suffering. This is something that should be looked into and awareness campaigns are essential.

Last week, Lufuno’s bully was arrested and further details to the arrests are to be confirmed.

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