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Makandiwa’s brutal destruction of Pastor Simon Peter Makore (ep 51)

Pastor Makore was a man who made noise in AFM in the 90’s rightly deviding the word of God. He was known for his indepth teaching of the book of Revelation but along the way he failed because of women and was sent packing by AFM.

He moved to Mutare years later where he met with Makandiwa and he became like a son to Makandiwa he was the main man in Mutare and many times Makandiwa will leave his pulpit for him. The Pulpit you see below was R2M and noone ever steps on that Pulpit except Makandiwa himself, but only Makore had the privilege to preach on it, thats how close he was.

Until Makandiwa bought him a car so as to keep him grounded in the church because UFIC members loved him so much because of the word he preached.

At one point he then decided to move to Harare and start his ministry according to him God told him to go back to Harare and preach the salvation gospel . So he told Makandiwa of his plan to move to harare and Makandiwa felt like he wanted to compete with him and steal his members.

As you know, Makandiwa being Makandiwa..he sent his bodyguards to beat the hell out of him and took the car he was given right in the middle of the road and was left stranded. Till today he doesn’t have that car many of his doors were closed from that day and he was warned to forever remain silent or else he will be taken out.

If you are a member of Makandiwa you know this man and you wondered where he is, well your papa wants this man dead and is hunting for him hence the silence from Pastor Peter Simon Makore.

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