An event which happened in Kuwadzana left many in awe as 16 adults went wild partying and enjoying deep intimacy. The party was well organised and proper advertisement done but hell broke loose when police invaded the place .

Many have applauded the police for descending upon these individuals as they called it public indecency but there are many questions that need to be answered.

These people were all adults who willingly participated , the indecency was to whom because they were all in one accord and did not affected anyone.

This can be equated to having a threesome or foursome should that be considered as a crime . The event was private meaning there was nothing wrong with it.

However on the other hand if the party affected neighbours and they felt uncomfortable with what was going on then it can be termed as hazardous to the surrounding and deserving such punishment. On a logical base , adults having intimate moments in their home is not a crime .

There are however many other loopholes such as covid violations, curfew among others but to some extent having a sex party should not be criminalised unless it affects others or else we are using norms and traditions as our judicial guidelines

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