Oh Boy Safaree is the the most ugly nut out here in the world for treating Erica Mena that way but then you can never know what happened behind the scenes of these two egoistic television stars.We already between the two of them nobody is really humble goven their crazy love and relationship histories which played out on VH1.

So remember Safaree being in Erica’s space always telling her how he wants to marry him , make her the mom of his kids and take her to Jamaica to his mom or whatever.This was just his storyline for Scared Famous back in 2018.This guy can do anything for TV and that Mona Scott check.4 years later that’s when he is coming clean.

Erica Mena's Brother fights Safaree 


Safaree never really hid that he did not want kids with Erica.He was just being polite telling Erica how she should not become pregnant to ruin her body.That Patois guy is really something else and on top of it selfish , he wanted to make Erica his possession and never wanted to share her with their kids.

Their second pregnancy really brought out this guy out of their matrimonial home.He was out partying and having his sidechicks post on instagram to spite pregnant Erica.Recently this Safaree guy went on Twitter to confess that he helped A1 break his marriage to Lyrica after making up and faking an infidelity story behind Lyrica’s back.To think up to this week  , Lyrica realised she went through trauma whilst pregnant for a storyline is heartbreaking…

But hunnay we also know that Miss Erica Mena is not a saint either.She treated Cyn bad on TV going around with Rich  Dollarz for storylines.Karma made her get dumped with BowWow days before their wedding and also all this drama with Safaree.What she went through with his Shhhtraaaight interluder  can never be wished on anyone’s worst enemy.

Conclusion…. Safaree at least Nicki Minaj showed him he was not ish**

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