The alleged side chick and lover of the eccentric clergyman and self-styled prophet Passion Java has dropped a massive bombshell: she is pregnant..

The ravishing South African beauty, Leshaan Da Gama, dropped a video on social media in which she claims to be pregnant and carrying the “man of God’s” child

In the video which Leshaan dropped on Instagram, she seems emotional and can be seen crying as she narrates how her relationship with Passion Java used to be a good one.

I don’t regret getting pregnant. I just regret the person I had a baby with.

But once upon a time, we were in love. We always fought for each other. We always put each other first. Always were there for each other.

The video, which appears professionally edited, shows Leshaan supposedly with Prophet Passion Java at many different places, including what appears to be a doctor’s office.

Leshaan’s video claiming that she is pregnant came hours after she dropped another video on social media. In the first video, she accused Prophet Passion Java of ill-treating her.

Seemingly, acting like a scorned woman, the model dropped screenshots of her alleged screenshots with Passion Java. In the screenshots, Java allegedly acknowledged that his ex-wife, current wife, firstborn son, and big bosses had all been notified of his shenanigans with the South African model

Passion Java is married to Lily Java (nee Tsegaye). The Ethiopian born Lily became Prophet Java’s wife after being married in an elaborate and colourful ceremony in Jamaica in 2016. The wedding took place a mere four months after Java finalised his divorce from his first wife, Yasmine.

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