Young, Famous & African has hit Netflix and it’s safe to say self-professed ‘cougar’ Khanyi Mbau has stolen the show with shocking admissions about her new boyfriend

The 35-year-old actress takes centre stage in season one of the brand new reality series, which follows, well, famous Africans with insane wealth living their best life in the motherland.

In episode one, Khanyi introduces her new boyfriend Kudzi M who’s suave, seems successful… and may also or may not be a fugitive from Zimbabwe.

Giving viewers a perfectly sassy breakdown of her character, Khanyi says: ‘Being a golddigger, well I earned the name when I had a baby with my baby daddy. He was 31 years older than me and people said “it can’t be love, she’s definitely there for his money, she’s a golddigger”.

‘I thought I’d be a sugar baby all my life, but now I’m a cougar. I’m dating a 28-year-old and I’m 35.

‘Men are the police, they protect and serve. Protect me from taking out my card and paying for those sneakers. Serve me by bringing that paper bag that paid for to me. Protect and serve.’

Incomes Kudzi, aka Mr K, who has a very questionable background whatever you choose to believe.

‘Mr K. is the brigadier. He runs the station. The sheriff,’ Khanyi informs us.

‘Is Kudzi a bad boy? Yes. He’s got a crazy life. Alleged [stole] stole money.’

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