VIDEO of Kelly Khumalo talking about beating up cheating boyfriend goes viral.

An old clip of singer Kelly Khumalo has gone viral on Twitter on 29 April as she trends over Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial being postpone.

An old clip of Kelly Khumalo’s comment on a cheating partner has resurfaced on Twitter. The clips shows Kelly in an interview with MacG, where she says she will “punch the living daylights out of that man,” as an answer to his question.

“And are you mad at your boyfriend at the time or the woman he’s sleeping with?” asks MacG.

“For me I have never been the one to be mad at the lady and I never will be. I am mad at the person I have an agreement with. The lady has nothing to do with it, but you as a man have given her the right to destroy what we have. You went and looked for it, you put our relationship at risk, not her,” she continued.

“So, for me I will never fight the lady. I will punch the living daylights out of that man,” she added.
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