Unashamed Dubai slay queen reveals herself, more & more SA women say they want to go there. There is really never a dull moment in Mzansi, even in situations where you think people wouldn’t find a joke out of, they surely come out with something!

Well, they have done it again. The Slay Queen challenge is about the Dubai video clip that was trending and it is not a video that you would like to watch. Just from reading the comments, you will have a clear picture of how some people could not eat well after that moment for minutes.

South Africans have taken it and made it into a challenge that is trending on Twitter. It was said on the Podcast and Chill with MacG, about slay queens and how they get money, but he is disappointed because when he asks them about their lifestyle, they don’t tell, nor do they know anything about what head about it.

It is something that people should not make fun of or find it amusing. One lady was accusing black men of how they should be protecting them from such matters, but they are the ones who made the decision to do it. She is not happy with men as they are not able to offer them a soft lifestyle and they are going through something that is hard to accept in order to have a better lifestyle.

The other thing is that when someone has worked very hard to make money, they don’t want to lose their money very easily and so they spend it a lot. That is why you come across men not wanting to spend a lot on women’s lifestyles. They have also seen how other men have been through their lives because of maintaining a highballing lifestyle for women.

The challenge is still on the trending list from yesterday and it would make people understand that even if you want a lavish lifestyle, you don’t have to go through something that you will not be happy about. That is why DJ Euphonik once said, “Do what you love and love what you do.” You can’t do something you don’t love and then complain about it later on.

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