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Somizi then says he is tired of “broke” men and wants someone with half of his money, which he says is millions, half his cars and houses.

“Lord why won’t you give me (a) man kike this? Why? Because the ones I date are broke. Lord I pray on my 49th birthday, give me a man that has at least half the money that I have, which is a couple of millions. Give me a man that has half the cars that I have, a man that has half the houses that I have,” he said.

Somizi revealed that he did not sign any marriage papers with his estranged husband Mohale Moutaung. He said that the pastor did not bring the certificates on the day.

“At the white wedding. Again, I will go back to you know, you know and I knew with the marriage there would be challenges naturally. But there are challenges where you can see that this is going to hell,” said Somizi.

“So, when they told us that the pastor didn’t bring the certificates I was like look at God!” he continued.

So, that also makes it hard for the pair to get divorce, his legal advisor Hopewell Sathekge informed him in a previous episode. A local publication also reported that Mohale’s family returned Somizi’s lobola because the family did not approve of the union.

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