By- In a shocking development, a pack of condoms is now costing more than a domestic worker’s salary.

Journalist and social rights activist Hopewell Chin’ono said Zanu PF’s corruption caused this.

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This might help you understand Zimbabwe’s economic collapse.

The Zimbabwean Government announced through a gazette last week that the official domestic worker wage is ZW$10,000.

Now a pack of condoms today is ZW$12,200!

This is what ZANUPF incompetence and corruption has done!

A person’s monthly salary is less than a pack of 3 condoms!

The comments on this tweet reflect the Zimbabwean selfishness that I always speak about.

Instead of worrying and empathizing with domestic workers, the comments are more interested in sex and jokes.

We have domestic workers who are going to bed on empty stomachs, they need help!

The message here is about how human life and dignity of domestic workers has been belittled!

After 21 years working in Government as a civil servant, Tapiwa Chengeta has been given a pension of ZW$14,025 by the ZANUPF Government.

It is just enough to buy him a packet of 3 Durex condoms at Bon Marche

For non Zimbabweans, ZW$14,025 is US$30 or R450

Pensions were LOOTED and continue to be looted, but some citizens don’t even bother to register to vote!

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