RIP: A Grade 10 Learner Committed Suicide After She Was Bullied After School. See What Happened. One of the problems that our society is facing is the issue of bullying, especially among young children in secondary schools.

Children are being depressed and some even drop out of school because they are being bullied. Some even went to the extent of taking their lives because they were tired of being bullied and beaten every day at school.

Not so long ago, the whole country was shocked by the incident that happened in Limpopo at the secondary called Mbilwi, where a young girl was beaten so badly by her schoolmates that when she arrived home she decided to take her life because she was ashamed of the things they did to her. We all thought her death would be an awareness for other bullies to stop their acts, but it seems as if the acts are not stopping.

Recently, there was another heartbreaking story that happened in Limpopo in a high school called Molomohlapi. According to the reports, a grade 10 learner committed suicide after she was bullied at school.

The reports revealed that a group of girls waited for her on her way home from school and beat her up while taking her a video. When she got home, she felt that she couldn’t take the embarrassment any longer and decided to commit suicide. There is no report yet on whether the perpetrators have been arrested or not. See the photo of the victim below:

It seems like bullying is becoming a major problem because we can barely go a month without hearing about a shocking bullying incident that took lives. This story broke many people’s hearts on social media, and they are calling for parents to teach their children good manners. Some are calling for the police to take action against those bullies. See comments below.

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