Love and Hiphop Atlanta is back and as expected Safaree and Erica Mena’s Drama is about to play out.Many always question why Karma is brought up when it comes to Ms Mena,  well this article will take you back to 10 years ago through the years.

Erica Mena has shown a lot of her life on “Love And Hip Hop New York” over the years. Remember the ups and downs she’s faced in relationships. Her romance with Rich Dollaz fell apart when they began working together. Rich was supposed to be managing Erica. However, things went sour after they clashed over a song.

Erica felt betrayed by Rich because he gave the song to former G-Unit first lady Oliva Longott. When Erica moved on to Cyn Santana, Rich became an obstacle in their relationship. He strongly believed Erica wasn’t actually over him. So he meddled and caused Cyn and Erica to start having problems. The breakup was so nasty that Erica and Cyn still can’t get along despite their breakup happening years ago. Erica later found what she thought would be forever love with Safaree Samuels.

Eventually, Erica moved on to “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” Viewers witnessed the breakdown in her marriage to Safaree. Erica accused Safaree of being unfaithful. She eventually filed for divorce. But after Safaree made his way to the  “VH1: Family Reunion,”

However, her feelings changed once Safaree was on the blogs again being linked to another woman. The reports alleged that he bought the woman flowers.

While Erica thinks Safaree crossed the line, some fans of the show are accusing her of being a hypocrite

Interestingly enough, Safaree isn’t the only one who feels Erica is being hypocritical. On the “Love And Hip Hop” official Instagram page, viewers have been calling out Erica in the comment section.

One Instagram user wrote, “So he gets all the blame for all his actions. But Erica is doing the same thing with girls. He should have listened to Yandy.”

Another wrote, “Well, I think that she should think about how he feels to see his wife tongue kissing Peter Gunz’s ex-wife in front of everyone…”

And another person brought up Erica’s scene with Rich, “Well she was letting Rich feel her up and she was saying she doesn’t want Safaree, she’s done.”

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