Phelo Bala Struggles With Life After Divorce From Moshe Ndiki

_A sad tale of love and loss for the youngest brother of the Bala’s_

The world continues revolving whether we are part of it or not, life simply goes regardless of the struggles one faces. Break up and divorces can take a toll on one’s life, some have described a divorce to be similar to death. One finds themselves grieving months if not years after the separation. Phelo Bala has unfortunately found himself in the same predicament many have traveled.

The 31 year old partways with media personality Moshe Ndiki earlier this year. Their divorce was made public when the two removed each other’s photos on social media. It seems Moshe is living his life to the fullest whilst Phelo is struggling with depression. The Eastern Cape artist opened up recently when turning 31 years old, he stated he has been living with severe depression since the age of 16. He added that even though there are times when he thinks he won’t see another year but he is learning to be more gentle with himself.

“So many times i thought i wouldn’t see another year. So many times i wished i didn’t… Living with severe depression since i was 16 and somehow i’m still standing and somehow fighting my way through this thing called life.

I’m learning to love myself and be more kinder to myself. Though I have many reasons not to celebrate, i have so much more to be grateful for. I guess God is not through with me just yet. Happy 31st Birthday to me❤”

Earlier today he posted how tired he was of fighting a losing battle.

” I feel like God is insisting that this life thing is not gonna go my way. I just need to get used to it…”

Living with depression can have a great effect on how you view the world, this results in the type of relationships you will have with people. Lets hope the star pulls through. Phelo’s fans offered him words of comfort in this difficult time.

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