Do we truly know our parents or simply know what’s on the surface, what happens when the past resurfaces and reveal shocking details about our lovely parents? Many people who have discovered their parents disturbing past stated their relationship was never the same again. A breakfast radio show called ‘Anele and The Club on 947’ asked it’s listeners, about one thing you discovered about your parents that you wish you never had.


[ON-AIR] What do you know about your parents that you wish you didn’t?


Perhaps you saw their pay slip and it made you feel a certain way… 


Maybe your parent was a bully in high school…


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A number of Facebookers were not shy to disclose what’s one thing they wish they didn’t come across concerning their parents. A lady by Jacqueline Duvenage told an embarrassing encounter that some people may relate to.


I caught my parents doing the deed…..I rushed into their room because I’d cut my foot (their door was closed)”


Well, it went from a lite subject to a more sinister one, as one Facebooker by Nobuhle Sibaya confessed on what she discovered about her father.


I found out my dad was in jail a month ago and out of curiosity I Googled why he was there and I regret it, somethings kids are not meant to know about their parents but it doesn’t change that he’s my father and I love him so much ❤️”


The lady didn’t disclose on what her dad was jailed for but by the looks of things she has made peace with her father’s past even though she regrets finding out the truth.


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