We love Amara La Negra and her drama, the only Latino that gave us a Telemundo moment on a ratchet reality tv show Love and Hiphop Miami that time she had an explosive yet calm and deep and heartfelt breakup with Emjay Johnson who is her besty’s Shay Johnson brother. But you already know where this is going right…

So word in the streets is that our Beloved Amara is pregnant with her third baby with non other than Emjay.It is alleged they reconciled a few month ago when they were shooting the Love and Hiphop Family ReUnion Season 3 in Jamaica that is set to come back on our screens on 28 November 2022.


We saw their ups and downs on the recently ended season of Love and Hiphop Miami and Shay Johnson standing up for her brother Emjay after Amara allegedly broke girl code by getting in a relationship with Allan who is like their brother. Not to mentioned that Emjay introduced them to each other.

The conversation on the reunion even reignited the Tamar Braxton beef with Shay over the drama of her entanglement with Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon.It is said that Tamar Braxton and her friends Rasheeda Frost, Erica Dixon, Toya Johnson formerly Carter then Wright then now Rushing and Tiny Harris had something to say during an event in Atlanta back in 2013.

If the news of Amara being pregnant with Emjay’s baby is true and that they are back together then we cant wait for their wedding special, their special delivery and also an AfroLatino spin off because as much as Emjay is that kind of a male that wants women to take of him, he is definitely that kind of man that wants stability and marriage.

But l wonder what Mama Anna is going through right now, she can be handful sometimes but Mommas always know the best ❤

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