Bad news to Mona Scott , the hype for the second part of the Love and Hiphop Reunion was short lived or maybe never existed after Kendra and Joc embarrassed themselves on a magazine interview , l mean who does that….Well the tea is Attorney Kendra Robinson filed for divorce in the city of Georgia , yea hunnay sis is said to have gotten tired of the trolls and is working towards an annulling of their one year in marriage.

Kendra and her college degree really hurt Yung Joc’s ego on that goddamn interview and the way Joc stood up for himself at that instant and did not wait for the interview to end to go and find comfort in his usuals ways – binge cheating….we love to see it!

Kendra is also facing a lot of heat from fans who are saying she talks to Yung Joc like is talking to a forth grader.She wants to be in charge of Joc’s life calling him Jocile  this Jocile that.Also fans who were siding with her at got tired of her being a victim of devotional circumstances therefore they labelled her as the most boring castmember of the franchise taking the trophy from Boss Chick Put A Ring On My Finger Marry Me Rasheeda due to situation with Kirk and his 3 earrings.

And back to the part 2 of the reunion , it was not all that.We miss Hoesline Hoenandez and Jessica Dime doing the How Bout That and whatever.At least Karlie is still messy and we have Sherkinah Jo who still thinks she is still the star of the show like she made TI and Tiny Family Hustle famous.Everybody wants growth but we all know that’s not what we signed up for when the show first aired!

next week we are going to be reviewing The Family Reunion In Jamaica Baby.Tierra Marie is going to be there , Chrissy Lampkin , Spice and a whole lotta of favs who were on the Where Are They Now.

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P.S Oops my boy Joc just did a live video on Instagram


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