They grow up so quick , Lil Scrappy’s Daughter and Erica Dixon , Emani Richards is now 17 and goodt Lordt she already showing off Momma Dees traits just a little going on instagram live to slam a girl who is in love with her ex-boyfriend.We all know Emani is a good kid but wheeew she went off and we wonder where she was at the time because if it was at Erica’s home that phone would have been confisticated.

People have reacted to the video differently because they think she is still the little Princess Emani who was all dazzled up with Jojo Siwa like glitters and crowns in Momma Dee’s Palace for her birthday back when she was 6 years old.It was just proof that one can raise their daughter well but still can be pushed to the edge and do something like this on the internet.
the current boyfriend on the video below

Some were saying maybe she saw how her mom acted on TV all these years , fighting and cursing other ladies because of a man who continuously disgraced her for over 12 years from Diamond , Erica Pinkett , Shay Johnson who helped the family get their ticket meal from VH1 and Bambi who was a side chick the time of their engagement.


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