Love and Hiphop Family ReUnion is going to be back on our Television sets on Monday 28 November in time for the Christmas Festive Holidays and we are here for it.The America’s Most Wanted Karen King of the Big ATL is also going to be there with her son Scrapp Deleon whom is also her partner in crime.We all know her as the Fugitive Of The Week on that TV show back in the day right….

Before she was a star on Love and Hiphop , Queen Karen King was doing everything the street way from fraud to theft and also getting mugshots from all that.But the crime that landed her on her first reality show was the biggest crime of them all and it was attempted m_urder of her baby daddy , father to her younger son Lyndon SAS Smith who was now an ex boyfriend at the time.

On Love and Hip-hop , Karen King is known as this powerful woman who is feared by many in the ATL because of her untouchable history of almost k!lling her baby dad Lyndon Smith Snr with the help of her sons Scrappy and Sas.They were supposed to get each  3 life sentences per person but thankfully they won the case because her lawyers presented that the ex boyfriend was an absent father so his sons were acting out of emotions.

However Karen King in a clip on VH1 said she got another charge of ‘m_urder for hire’ inciting that she was accused of paying her sons to end the father’s life.Up to now no one knows if she served time or if the charges were dropped.Lyndon Sas was arrested in 2020 for s£x trafficking charges and Scrappy also served three years in jail for trafficking from 2016 to 2019.

This week Karen King appeared on Love and Hiphop Where Are They Now and said she was now a cougar dating a guy in his early 40s whilst in her early 70s.Fans could not get enough of how she looked like she was 30years old looking even younger than Erica Mena who got washed up by what Safaree made her go through

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