Yo this King of Miami Trick Daddy is something else , he just made a joke on why he would never sign the divorce papers his enstranged wife Joy presented to him in 2020 saying he never took it serious because she only talks of the divorce whilst the VH1 Love and Hiphop cameras are rolling so he thinks its just for storylines and he gotta do is play along because he will support his wife nomatter what to get the coin.

Joy Bennet Young is in her early 40s and she met Tricky through her cousin Trina in late 1990s but they married in 2003.Fans always question if they are really separated or not together because to them its like a joke.For example the way Joy really supported Nikki Natural who was Trick’s treat in the 2020 season of Love and Miami Miami or how Trick acts around her so called lovers.

They have been through thick and thin together and she is probably the woman who has seen Trick through thick and thin over the past 20years.Their separation is said to might had been caused by Tricky Daddy giving up on his life because of the genetic disease he has called Lupus and he never abide to eating clean and being healthy really took a toll on Joy.

Some people say Trick and Joy are together but they have an open marriage because of his health situation , their under sheets activities were really getting wack and he had to let other dudes to hit it on Joy.This explains why he said he vets whoever want to get laid with Joy because those are his boyfriends and Husband  in laws too.

In the next couple of days we are going to be seeing Tricky Daddy showing off his talent of cooking his famous well prepared soul food at the Love and Hiphop.ReUnion featuring our favourite cast member from all the franchises and its promising to get lit and  messy asf.

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