Dominican singer and former Love & Hip-Hop star Anaís is sharing a message to people who keep criticizing the way she looks.


The entertainer recently shared new pictures on her Instagram feed which included a couple of selfies and a full body shot. Under one of her posts, some haters started to leave mean comments. One said, “I thought this was a Mannequin.” Someone else added “are you ok?” adding the concerned emoji.

Anaís has clearly caught wind of the negative comments and she’s responding to let people know that she is “healthy,” and couldn’t care less what they have to say.

She shared this message under her latest IG snap that read: “Ok I’m way too skinny. That’s your opinion it would be respected. Back then I use to care about your opinions to be my inspiration now ya became part [of] my expectations so that’s second, sorry I’m putting myself first no more what others think of me specially when their state of mind it’s real F up. PERIOD. As long as I’m healthy and my spirit it’s with God or who ever higher than myself since they have lied so much and again that also ain’t my Bussiness therefore, kiss my skinny ass cause fat or skinny there’s only one Anáis even if there’s clones out there you never know at this point.”




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