Sierra Gates and her ungrateful rich millionaire self are probably the best highlights of this year’s last season.BK her ex fiance has chimed in into the Twitter opinions about the GlamShop owner.He said Sierra is that type of a woman who feels is u entitled to a man’s money for a luxury lifestyle whilst money monistering her own to make investments.

This comes after her soon to be husband Eric Whitehead who is also a multimillionaire surprises her with a condo that does not meet her standards.Sierra needs two bedrooms for her kids , her glam room , shoe closet , bags closet and so much more like in Kim Kardashian’s weird house.

Sierra Gates Talks How She Makes Millions Each Year After Joining Love and Hiphop

We were all introduced to Sierra Gates in 2016 on our TV screens and she is probably the only one who is not a singer or model who managed to use the show to her advantage.Sierra has been making over 7 figures each year since then.

Growing up in poverty never stopped her dreams,  she even became a mother at a tender age of sixteen and became a single mom to her daughter Paris.She says she went to apply for a makeup job without any knowledge and whilst demonstrating her skills during the interview her hands worked magic and her life has never been the same.

She went from doing glam to an exotic dance club to launching her saloon and makeup products.The pandemic opened so much doors for her since everyone was locked down. She came up with different business ideas and the birth of Money Making Monster University and Microbalding the Sierra Way.

Sierra is back for the new season of Love and Hiphop Atlanta and as usual since her debut she is also bringing relationship drama.She has a new boo who is financially on her level and they seem to have moved too fast. She is also bringing her family drama from her mom to her sisters and we cant wait to see it all unfold.

Sierra also just launched a new show called Ghetto Girl Eats where she unlocks her hidden talent which is cooking.We can say she is now simply a Chef and she is going to the top with her skills.

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