The Haitian Beyonce, Florence El Luche wants all of you to know she is standing by her Jay-Z

More like Kirk and Rasheeda or should we say Mimi and Joseline plus Stevie J  , well it looks like Mona Scott and her team have successfully replaced Amina , Tara and Peter Gunz with the self proclaimed Queen of Kompa music Flo and Marlon with his cheating spree.

Marlon has done nothing but to disrespect his beyonce with a small B.This guy cheated on his wife her sister’s best friend and now the sister herself.The wife kind of allows it by the way she responded to both scandals which has made fans to think its scripted.

Besides this messy drama on Love and Hiphop Miami , Florence is actually a very good artist.She is the first Haitian musician to trend worldwide on youtube maybe if we remove Wyclif Jean and others who were there before her.She also runs a number of businesses and on top of all that she is a loyal wife to herr Jay Z , Marlon.

Formerly known as TuaimeFlo when she first broke onto the scene , the M’pap Pale Twòp hitmaker started off as a video vixen in 2019 and she was motivated to get into the booth to sing.It came out natural that fans loved her music and she became an instant celebrity over night.

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